What is goodcowfilms.com?

films - home of:

metal cow solid -> parodies of hideo kojima's masterpiece metal gear solid videogame series, starring stuffed animal cows

problem resolvers -> investigative journalism at its worst... like fox's problem solvers!

sad tv -> skit show, in the nature of mad tv, only not as good... or good at all...

other crappy short films that aren't worth your time!

farm - home of:

goodcow's livejournal, and friends page

goodcow's photo album, updated near daily (with a big backlog as of this writing)

goodcow's video album, which isn't up yet due to space and bandwidth limitations (will be similar to the photo album, along with a collection of strange videos collected from all over the web)

the basement -> old websites including "Billy's Comics," songs, message board archives, artwork, and basically anything else i just feel like google archiving

sega section -> direct-feed video captures of some of the more obscure sega games out there, a commercial archive, a huge sega news archive with information from the good ole' days, and whatever else i can host within my server space and bandwidth limitations for google to archive

How can I help?
goodcowfilms.com is a non-for-profit website. If you enjoy your stay here, please consider making a small (or large!) donation via PayPal via the link at the bottom of this page. Failing that, if you see an ad that interests you, please click it. You'll hopefully get some usefulness out of it, and I'll get a small payout from Google. I do apologize in advance for having to place ads here, but I really have no choice, because every month, I have to end up locking down sections of the site until next month, due to a lack of bandwidth, and this website is paid for out of pocket, and with help from visitors like you. (hopefully) Besides, the Google ads are actually pretty good, and usually relevant. Also, considering I'm a huge fan of Amazon.com, and proudly have an Amazon.com VISA, please make your Amazon.com purchases via the links from this site. This really helps to support the site, and they have the best customer service imaginable.

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