Welcome to SaD TV 2.0

        Well, we've been dead for quite some time eh? HAH! Now we're back and we are BETTER THEN EVER!! Which doesn't really say much.  Anyway the new and improved SaD TV should be a LOT more enjoyable -> featuring a cleaner website, new media every week [not really saying that's a good thing], and direct input from everyone on the "team". We'd like to thank all our fans [or lack-there-of] for supporting us!

You will need to download Windows Media Player 9 to view most of the videos on this site, and if you don't already have it.. HERE IT IS:

WMP9 > Windows XP
WMP9 > Windows 98, SE, ME, 2000
WMP9 > Mac OSX
WMP9 > Codecs Only > Windows

Also be sure to check the.
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