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  Weekly Clip - Week 05 (03/08/04 - 03/14/04)
Gun Safety at SaD TV Random Video 

SaD TV takes a whole new level of safety, including hands-on training with
guns, and trainers throughout our filming location. This is what we call
good education, you have to watch this, otherwise it could endanger you.

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 Weekly Clip - Week 04 (03/01/04 - 03/07/04)
It's Annoy Phil Time version 2 - Series One Series 

Another disturbingly random XeLa edit.
We're pretty sure you've already seen Phil annoyed before,
but he's actually taking this pretty good. Check it out!
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 Weekly Clip - Week 03 (02/23/04 - 02/29/04)
Benchcraft Interview Random Video 

The "highly" noted Benchcraft gets a full in-depth interview with one of
the head directors. This even shows footage of the full set being
bombarded by fanatic Benchcraft fans and groupies. Groupies..?
[this actually wasn't the week 03 clip, but since we missed it.. we added this]

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 Weekly Clip - Week 02 (02/16/04 - 02/22/04)
Montage o' Random Forest Recordin' Random Video 

 As XeLa forces them to record, a sudden.. "What the fuck?" spews out...
50+ minutes of raw footage is there, all cut down to .. well about 1 minute..
It's still pretty funny though...
[this actually wasn't the week 02 clip, but since we missed it.. we added this]

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 Weekly Clip - Week 01 (02/09/04 - 02/15/04)
WTHiTs Trailer version 4 Trailer 

This is some interestingly retarded promo for SaD TV by XeLa.
It's actually "supposed" to be a hardcore race of some sort.
Check it out if you want to keep asking yourself... "Why?"

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 Random Sound Effects & Musicals
The Forest, I like it Musical 

A pretty fucked up random musical we did while walking to the car
from finishing our filming. With the dark visuals it's probably funnier.

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 Snow Adventures
Unsuccessful Bull Ride Random Video 

One of our strange adventures in snow. Half the actual footage got damaged
due to the rain, so this is all that was left. The main objective to the whole thing
was that XeLa was to be on MemPh RaVe's car as he drifts, so XeLa would
be riding the car as if it were a bull ride. All in all, it did not work to plan.