wait wait wait.. something is actually getting updated? oh my god!


Weekly Shitz posted by XeLa on 03-06-2004 03:23

Three new Weekly clips are up.. well.. not up exactly.. the thumbnails and information are posted for them in the Other Things section.. for now on we're going to put them like that beforehand just because it's .. well I have no valid reason but.. still.. it's cool... anyway be sure... to.. check out a new weekly clip.. every week.. hence.. the weekly clip..

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OH BABY.. posted by XeLa on 03-02-2004 15:34

Yeah.. sorry for the lack of posts.. or.. lack of anything for that matter.. I'm actually happy to see that people are randomly downloading shit.. so that makes me happy.. I don't really know if anyone READS this.. for the lack of comments kinda shows it.. but whatever lol..

The annoy phil thing is the clip of the week.. week 2 and 3 did not have anything but that's only because well.. the annoy phil clip was not working correctly with the Windows Media 9 codec.. yeah bleh blah bleh.. anyway!!!!!!

72 new videos are to be posted up... which include anywhere from the raw video of the b-day bash to the erotic date with the snake.. muhahah... anyway .. keep downloading.. and just.. sign the damn guestbook.. will YA??.. I know you're HERE.... please?

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epi 22222 posted by XeLa on 02-22-2004 20:36

oh and uhh.. I did not update the space or time for each skit yet... which I will do tomorrow.. as with uploading the rest of the episode 2 stuff.. bleh..

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Phil da MAN posted by XeLa on 02-22-2004 19:42

Well Phil has cropped /all/ of Episode 2 into skits now.. and I mean ALL of them this time BUD. ... well onto that.. the videos are now smaller in size.. although they do look more shitty then a goat stepping on urine.. wait uh.. okay anyway.. yeah check em' out!!...

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hm posted by XeLa on 02-10-2004 05:44

Minor changes here and there... the skits to upload are still on there slow but surely way... uhm.. and there is a new addtion to the "line-up" .. the Weekly Clip.. every week we will have SOMETHING new.. even if it is old.. it'll be new to you!

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"Phil's first date" posted by XeLa on 02-03-2004 17:43

Hey no no no .. it wasn't my idea hheheh..

FeRo WoRkS (8:35:36 PM): waiitt
FeRo WoRkS (8:35:37 PM): look..
FeRo WoRkS (8:35:44 PM): this is phils first date!
SeReV0LuTiON (8:35:45 PM): hurry ;O
SeReV0LuTiON (8:35:46 PM): lol

SeReV0LuTiON (8:35:59 PM): LOL
FeRo WoRkS (8:36:02 PM): put it on the news lmao

hmm... sick.. lol

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like.. omg! posted by XeLa on 02-03-2004 13:54

Okay the fucking video media sections are done.. well.. I mean layout wise... on to the reviews/information and tweaks next.. ;P Check itz out!!

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Okay okay.. okay.. posted by XeLa on 02-02-2004 16:06

Well.. NOW the other things section is complete..

Well then so.. as for the media.. the behind da cam section is the last video media section needed to be completed.. then the char mug shots well.. they need media.. and then well.. in progress / comin' soon.. okay I'll shutup...

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Ballz Song posted by FeRo WoRkS on 02-02-2004 00:43

"I got big Ballz....
U got big Ballz...
We Got Big Ballz...
Phil has no Ballz!!!


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hmm.. posted by XeLa on 02-02-2004 00:17

Go.. . .patriots... y..eahh!! .. .. I'm sorry this year was .. hmm .. well.. ANYWAY.. besides the SKITS page workin' and jerkin' .. . yesterday I also have made that rejected whatever page into pretty much the same format.. minus a few things.. but none-the-less.. check that out as well...

Probably when I get back from work.. I will begin to.. work.. on the behind da cam section along with the other things section.. and tweak the shit outta them.. and I also got a few things to put up.. muhahahha... MUHAHAHAHA.. MUA.. okay..

Signin' owwww-ta!

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SKiTs posted by XeLa on 02-01-2004 10:03

Episode 2 is now up!! w00T!!.. There are a few videos that are still not up but will be soon enough... and then after that Episode 3.. and .. uh.. yeah other shit.. =X

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