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  Episode - S01E03

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  No Title  
  Date finalized - xx/xx

Runtime - xx:xx


- xMoNKeE's Comment -

The third episode actually never came out.
We have a couple of things done actually.
One is a magic show. Another is a rap music video.
And then of course if you watched the end of
episode 2, you'll see the ultimate race!


- GoodCow's Comment -

What is there to say? This wasn't finished... and never will be finished...
the rap video is just us singing a bad rap, and dressed all fucked up...
the Steven car race thing is okay, but other people didn't even like the promo
video from episode two that Joe and I found funny,
so maybe it just... isn't funny. Magic Secrets Revealed was a good attempt,
but also needed a script or something.
We just need to actually write, and memorize scripts,
and I think the quality will jump tenfold. But that'll never happen...




  Episode - S01E02

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  S a D   T V   g o e s  t o  t h e  m o v i e s !  
  Date finalized - 10/02

Runtime - 31:06


- xMoNKeE's Comment -

I actually enjoyed this episode.
Mike having a bunch of powdered tea all over his face is just great
by it self. Then we of course have Benchcraft which
had so many conflicts spinning around the team.
And then of course In the forest,
which we didn't even finish. Hah, what an Episode!


- GoodCow's Comment -

Well, this is significantly better than episode one... yet we still had no real
plan of what to do, or any organization, and that's the main problem.
The Benchcraft skit had two seperate "directors" "directing" different parts of it,
neither of which had a point or a script... then there's stuff like Joe's birthday
party, which only people we know will like...
The forest trio thing didn't come out properly...
the first part has bad camerawork, the second part has no script and lags a lot,
and the third, while the highlight of this episode,
was never finished, and will make people think we're either gay, or
homophobic. Erotic snake date did turn out to be funny though,
and the Steven race promo was short but funny.
Oh, and you can't forget FABIO!!! Anyway, a big improvement over episode one,
but we still have a long ways to go... GO... GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MOVE IN!!!!


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  Episode - S01E01

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  T h e   b e g i n n i n g   o f   i t   a l l .  
  Date finalized - 07/02

Runtime - 23:49


- xMoNKeE's Comment -

Well, quite sadly, this is the first episode ever of SaD TV.
It was funny before, but after actually watching it, the truth came out.
We did film a lot of different things in the past, but never actually
complied an "episode" of something.
The result wasn't very successful, but we still tried.


- GoodCow's Comment -

Episode one isn't very good... so really it's a waste of space to have it here...
I mean uh... this is the highlight of our lives, so please watch it.

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