March 19, 2004

The Problem Resolvers find out about a plot by Mr. Papa to use MTA funds to hire MOBSTERS, to kill our tipster! Only he doesn't know that one of the mobsters is an UNDERCOVER Problem Resolvers producer... watch us take down Mr. Papa, and the Mob in our latest report!


February, 2004

The Problem Resolvers start off 2004 with a bang... literally, as we risk life and limb investigating the dangerous "Seat of Death" on the 4/5/6/L lines in the New York City subway system!


November 22, 2003

Welcome to Problem Resolvers headquarters, where you can help us solve problems!

Check out our premiere report where we bust negligent station superintendent Joseph Papa, for having horrible, life threatening conditions on one of the subway platforms he's responsible for. is run and maintained by Phillip Roncoroni. All content within is beholden to said website owner, and may not be used without permission, though it will most likely be granted if asked. Please send any and all inquiries to, or use the contact form here. Any content within this website of a parodying nature, based on other copyrights is beholden to those original copyright owners.