The Problem Resolvers Take On The Mob

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Just when you thought things couldn't get worse down below, what with Seats of DEATH, and craters ready to swallow you whole, the Problem Resolvers got tipped off about a MOB HIT, using MTA FUNDS!

Yes, that's right, we found out Mr. Papa was paying off MOBSTERS with MTA FUNDS to try and KILL our Problem Resolvers tipster! Luckily for our tipster, we managed to infiltrate one of our Problem Resolvers producers into the mob, and with an undercover camera and microphone, we taped the deal as it went down, and then busted everyone involved!

Our most dangerous report yet, watch us as we take on the mob, and get these problems RESOLVED!


Note: This report is based entirely on fiction. Any similarity to actual persons or events are purely fictional.

Images from the report:
Problem Resolvers Newsroom Dead Mobster at 8th Avenue
Help! I need somebody! Help! Not just anybody! ...I'm gonna have to get rid of him.
You wanna get rid of me, huh? The payoff
Paying off the mob Mr. Papa just got RESOLVED
That mobster just got RESOLVED Our anonymous tipster
Our Italian mobster, fleeing from our cameras Problem Resolvers Undercover Producer

Behind the Scenes Footage:
Behind the Scenes/Outtake Reel
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Rider Diaries: Problem Resolvers - Behind the Scenes video of the mob investigation

Rider Diaries: Problem Resolvers - Mob trailer/commercial
Rider Diaries: Problem Resolvers - Taking on the Mob (third segment, download here)


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